The Korea Society - US-North Korea Summit

May 11, 2018

The Korea Society has been actively tracking, commentating on, and designing programs around the summit process on the Korean peninsula. 


In order to capture and promote these developments, we've created this new page on our website. It can be accessed here: 


From this one page, visitors can see upcoming programs related to the summits and access videos of the past events. They can easily see all the latest quotes and mentions of Korea Society people and programs in the media. And they can look at our latest tweets related to summit diplomacy. It's a one stop shop for all of our coverage related to the summits. 


We aim to remain agile and adapt to continuing changes by offering content that is customized to fit the latest news, and that also embeds these developments in our core value of promoting the US-ROK relationship. We believe this page does so, and we hope you share our enthusiasm. 


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